27 August 2010


wat do ue noe de meaning of FRIENDSHIP ?
act i want to tell bout de meaning of friendship .
love words hate Pictures, Images and Photos
its so difficult to conclude .
we dnt noe wat kind of friends dat we noe now .
mn tw we'ol dpt kwn yg backstabber ka , hypocrites ka , kindness ka .
act we'ol pn buta gx , xnpk sm da our friends tu ble pki ka xble pki .
tu la smtymx we'ol ows fight wif our friends rite ?
dont lie to me if its true .
coz my ownself lyke dat aso .

urmm , me g story la experience yg me dpt slma me trust wif my ex bextie dlu .
we r very closer lyke a sister ue noe .
owg ckp mcm belangkas swa wa , p mna sak must tgther xble bpsah ne .
but i dnt think dea ble tikam me dr blkg .
cz tym we'ol mula2 knl dlu mmg me rsa ble bt dea kwn wa .
act dea gna kn me sak slm ne .
dea gna kn czn dea c budu me [ czn dea bebeh laa ]
me pn xtw pa yg me bt smpi dea mw bt smthnk tuk c skt aty me .
mmg dea xble tgk me epy2 wa .
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pantang tu sm dea pdhal dea lae hppnng than me .
mw jeles sm me pn xgna gx bkn me da ppa pn .
heran me sm dea ow . haix !
mmg me ANTY dea until now .
i'll never forget wat she hve done to me .
mmg me ingt smpi matek skl pn !
until nw km xbngm .
pena fight lae ary tu d KKP .
mcm taek sak dea wa .
pns tul aty me tym tu .
yala dea ingt kkp tu bpa dea pnya ka .
trepp kwt lae cm c taekk !
but im aso satisfied cz dpt sut , tendang , slap d mka sm body dea . miakaka :p
dulik pa me if dat person attitude is not gud jan d kc mka .
kin pns sak !!
pdn laa mka dea , dea memalukn dr dea sdr wa .
kin soi sak tu ank :D
tul tw x ?? haha .
kilikiliee ! ngeee :)

dont fuckin judge me Pictures, Images and Photos

sumtymx we hve to choose friends 1st bru laa we'ol stat rpt ma dea .
sumtymx bkn we'ol tw kn kwn ne dlm diam2 da muslihat .
so be careful wif ur friends outside ! huhu .
ue'ol kna cr kwn yg btl2 iklas mw bkwn sm ue'ol .
friends Pictures, Images and Photos
live laugh love Pictures, Images and Photos
ue noe friends will hve to sty FOREVER .
PROMISE ME Pictures, Images and Photos
jan smbrgan mw rpt sm kwn ne .
nty ue'ol kna cm me pla .

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about LIFE

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

All About Me Quote and Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Life Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

p/s : i love this quotes . full meaning in life :)

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