25 August 2010

institut kecantikan nuvis sabah ( IKNS )


Infront picture IKNS at Sadong Jaya

Nuvis Sabah Salon at 3rd Floor Centre Point KK

Team Nuvis Sabah Salon at 2nd Floor KK Plaza

Nama :

Institut Kecantikan Nuvis Sabah
Pusat Latihan Bertauliah JPK - L00928

Alamat :

Lot 6, 7 & 8, Tingkat 2, Block D, Sadong Jaya, Karamunsing 8800, KK Sabah

No Telefon :

+06 088-230 969

No HP :

+06 016-815 5696/016-8315969

Fax No :

+06 088-230 969

Email :


p/s : for those who interested click this link http://www.nuvissabah.com/home.htm

Convo 2010 At The Pacific Sutera Hotel

student PLPKK , EPU 1 & EPU 2 :)

Inilah convocation me pd tarik 22hb July 10' ary tu .
Tlmpaw rmi wa we'ol smpi smpit & pjng ne d tgk . ngee .
Yg d dpn suma tu we'ol pnya penyelia , tenaga pengajar , penaja we'ol yg PLPKK , EPU 1 & EPU 2 sm student the besh d dlm claz we'ol . hoho . [ bngga laa dey'ol tu knunn . ngee :D ]
Da yg EPU 1 , EPU 2 & PLPKK .
Ue'ol cri laa me if ue'ol npk .
If ue'ol xnpk pndek umr rr . miakaka ! jkjk :p
Act besh gx stdy d sn dpt rmi mmber yg jauh2 dkt2 pn da .
Da kisa tsndri antra we'ol suma .
Mcm2 expert we'ol ble dpt d sn & kngan pht mns sm mmber2 pn byk . hehe .
Mmg laa kdg2 da yg we xbngam sm dey'ol dkt sm we .
Tp we jan laa fokuzkn eto .
We just fokuz stdy kt & kjar pa yg we mw kjar .
Yg ptng we mst da matlamat hidup we sdr bru laa bjaya .
Insyallah aminamin .
Hope ue'ol success owes r . ngee .
Jd uztzah laa aq xlm nee . miakaka ! :)

Our Memories :)

gelagat dey'ol mcm2 da . hehe :)

haha . skemaN my face at der . ngeee :p
trepp macho lae c ejat waa . kununn ! haha .

i'll never forget this part :) iwillmissthem .

funny pla tw tgk dix pic . haha .
len2 tmpt ne d tgk . miakaka :DD

wakil student IKNS we'ol bg ucapan .
c razy waa dix . haha :p

Dey'ol Photoshoot

richard , abu , sys rina , along , miss joy , puan ani , kira , razy , jaynet , mawar , ekin , siti , g'ha , biebie , adel , kaka & randy .

fromleft : mawar , kira , razy , along , abu , randy & richard .
suma trepp macho . haha .

Ini pic tym dey'ol bt photoshoot d pttn .
Xla me tw pa nem tmpt tu .
Me mw gx p tp tu laa me swa d sandakan tmpt my hby cmna gx . haha .
Dada sak tw . ngeee .
Urmm , besh ow dey'ol tym tu dpt shoot .
Da laa ene muka dey'ol d muka depan tmpt we'ol stdy tu .
w8 & c sak laa nty cmna kn .
X sbr pla me mw tgk .
If da copy kn bgs me mw ltk d blogg dpt gx ue'ol tgk kn3 . hehe .
Nty laa me tnya sm dey'ol if da r :)

p/s : act more than dat pics i can uploaded but im too lazy to upload more pics rite now . hehe :)

Band Paramore Profile

NameHayley Nichole Williams
NicknamesHbomb, Hayleyball, Hayles
Hometown : Franklin, TN
InterestsMusic, writing, make-up, hair, fashion, theater
Favourite placesMy home, Waffle House, Los Angeles, the tour bus
Favourite BandsSaves The Day, mewithoutYou, Slick Shoes, The Chariot, Now Now Every Children, No Doubt, Fireworks, Set Your Goals, Tegan and Sara, New Found Glory, H2O, Lemuria, The Swellers
Favourite Movies : Wayne's World, Son In Law, Pet Sematary, True Romance
Favourite Quotes"Let's throw away the hate and rock tonight." - Kid Dynamite, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin

Name : Jeremy Clayton Davis
NicknamesWorm, Schzimmy Deanie
HometownFranklin, Tennessee
InterestsMusic, riding my bike, all unhealthy foods, shooting my guns, hanging with all my best friends, anything that's dangerous...count me IN, people watching, and good conversations
Favourite places : HOME HOME HOME, and Ghengis Grill
Favourite BandsDeftones, Death Cab for Cutie, Thrice, Sigur Ros, Paper Route, Mew
Favourite MoviesDumb and Dumber, Shooter, Frequency, Saw 1-ALL OF THEM, Drag Me to Hell, The Departed, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Life Aquatic, Twister, Anchor Man, Batman
Favourite Quotes"that's what she said"

NameJoshua Neil Farro
Nicknames : Josh
HometownFranklin, TN
Favourite PlacesFranklin, TN
Favourites BandsDeath cab, Jimmy eat world, sigur ros, Bon iver, mew, radiohead, Ryan Adams, sunny day real estate, failure and more
Favourite Movies : The Truman show. Man on fire. The notebook. Dumb and dumber.
Favourite QuotesJohn 15:5

NameTaylor Benjamin York
NicknamesT, Tay
InterestsJesus, Family, Friends, Music, Bike Rides, Bon Fires, BBQ's, Front Porches, Roofs, Tea and Coffee, Garden Gnomes, Fall, Cereal, Muffins, Real Tree Camo, Febreze, The color combination blue and green, Eating cereal with Zac
Favourite SongsFor Me This Is Heaven - Jimmy Eat World, 747 - Kent, Hyperballad - Bjork, Le Matin - Yann Tiersen, Street Spirit [Fade Out] - Radiohead, Green Grass Of Tunnel - Mum
Favourite PlacesNashville, Montreal, Barcelona, Scandinavia, My Backyard, My Front Porch
Favourite BandsMum, Radiohead, Failure, Jimmy Eat World, Yann Tiersen, Kent, At The Drive-In, Between The Buried And Me, mewithoutYou, Bjork, Kadawatha, Air, Canon Blue, Paper Route
Favourite MovieThe Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, Pan's Labyrinth, Amelie, Romeo and Juliet, Run Lola Run, Goodbye Lenin
Favourite Quotes"The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows so if you are broken down, you will enjoy the beauty of the view. Also, ensure that electronic devices to play music are properly serviced. The more music you like, the happier you will be." - Dan Eldon

"Keeps'n it real" - Will Barrett

NameZachary Wayne Farro
Nicknames : Z, and Zac
Hometown : Franklin, TN
Interests : I love my family, Tennessee, my friends, playing and recording music, Bowling, eating cereal with Taylor, Starbucks, movies, bikes, truck stops and truck stop tee-shirts.
Favourite Songs : Brothers on a Hotel Bed, Kid A, 23, Introducing Palace Players.
Favourite Places : Home 
Favourite Bands : Jimmy Eat World, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, Mew, Paper Route, Sigur Ros, Thrice, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Mum
Favourite Movie : Man on FIre, Dumb and Dumber