24 August 2010


Heyguyss !! :) I just want you to know my name EylaIm 9teen this year . Im from Malaysia & location at KK want u to know i love smile, i love hangout, i love colourful, i love music fucking much :) Im just a simple gurl . I know im not perfect than like you . I just be my ownself . That is real myself . The most i hate for those who backstabber, fake, hypocrite, bitches, copycates & pretending infront of me . I will accepted people only want to be my friends . I didnt accepted people who wanna be fight to me . If u love me, i will love u too . If u like me, i will like u too . if u disturb my own bussiness, i will kill u . Do i care who u are ? Just remmember 1 thing , i will love/like u if u good to me :) thats all .

p/s : I love the most besides my family in the world is mydydymc :)

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